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Project & Construction Management Committee

Open Chairmanship

A focal point for collecting and disseminating information in the field of construction contract and project management for capital projects in both the private and public sector. This committee is responsible for planning WCCC's Project & Construction Management Roundtable series which address issues regarding the planning, design and construction of new or renovated facilities.

Safety Committee

Open Chairmanship

Serves as forum in which owners and contractors identify construction safety issues and needs, develop and communicate recommendations and provide resources to the construction community.

Legal Advisory/Legislative Committee

Mark Stapke, Partner
Eisner Jaffe Gorry Chapman & Ross

A forum for legal counsel, owners and service providers to discuss recent court decisions and current issues in the law. This committee is responsible for planning WCCC's Legal Roundtable series, providing members with information on recent developments as well as training in basic legal rights and procedures.

Program Committees

Regional Program Planning Committees are being formed. Inquire about participation and leadership opportunities.

Program Planning Committees Board Liaison
Peter Watts, Project Director
Vanir Construction Management, Inc.

Panels of Owners and construction industry professionals assist Western Council in planning and implementing educational seminars, trainings, special series, capital projects programs, Round Tables, SUMMITS, and special events.

Public-Private Partnership Committee

Jeff Baize, CEO
Brookhurst Development Corporation

A panel of construction industry professionals who assist WCCC in the planning and implementation of educational seminars, training series, capital project dinner meeting and special events. The committee oversees WCCC's annual master calendar.

Membership Committee

Contact Valerie Largin (916) 599-8020

WCCC’s vision is to give owners the tools necessary to provide exceptional capital project delivery to maximize value to all stakeholders and to give service providers access to owners for information exchange and needs assessments.

Project Excellence Awards Committee

Tom Broz, Senior Vice President and Director of Program and Construction Management Services
Willdan Engineering

Western Council of Construction Consumers’ Annual Project Excellence Awards Program recognizes continuous improvement and excellence in engineering, design and construction of quality, cost-effective and innovative construction projects completed by and/or for the Western Council membership.

We encourage all Western Council members to participate on a committee. If you are interested in participating, please contact us at (916) 599-8020.